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Akoten is involved in a project from the very first moment until the end and afterwards. Webdevelopment, design and marketing are our passions. Because we have specialists on all these areas, we can offer full support during an entire project.


Our team consists of diverse, young professionals, all of whom are perfectionistic. We do not stop our work until we’re fully satisfied with the results. To optimally represent a website and ensure a good user experience, we work with talented designers and can build responsive or adaptive websites that display well on all devices. You can find more on this on our services page.


Webdevelopment and online work is not simple and with this attitude we take your questions and projects very serious. In order to get to the right result, a lot of communication is needed. Therefore, it is very important to us that your goal is fully clear to us. Close collaboration and investment in relationships is natural for us. You can always make a non-committal appointment. Please fill in your email address below and will we contact you as soon as possible! 

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In the meantime we have completed quite a few projects. Would you like to see what we’ve made or what we’re working on right now? Check our portfolio!




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Our projects are challenging and dynamic, so we have to be quite flexible. All bumps in the road are being received professionally in a good atmosphere. Great!

André Krouwel

Kieskompas/Election Compass

We all agree that success doesn't come easily. It's very nice that we communicate well. Because of this, I know we're going to make our projects into a success!

Emiel de Sévrèn Jacquet

Greenberg Nielsen, Vesper Business Club, Freundlich

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